Moving to Mallorca : Help for New Residents

How we can help your move go smoothly:

Peace of Mind's help with essential paperwork can start while you are in the process of looking for your property.

Perhaps you need help finding a surveyor? Or need advice and practical help locating the best mortgage? Peace of Mind can introduce you to the bank that best suits your requirements.

We can perform any searches that need to be carried out in the Town Hall to confirm everything to do with your house purchase is correct.

If you are not using an Estate Agent, we can assist you with liasing with the Notary and Banks if you are taking a mortgage.

When you are finally in your home and you feel you want to make some changes to your property, from building work to decorating, we will help you find the best help in the market.

No more tearing your hair out because you cannot understand what you are being asked for, no more waiting for hours on the phone and not getting anywhere, no more waiting in the property because you don’t know when the installer is going to arrive.

PEACE OF MIND are available to work all over the Island.

Peace of Mind - Mallorca Admin - No Problem too Small

No matter how trivial a problem please feel free to contact us with any enquiry so that we can give you no obligation advice.
Use our contact form, email us or call Cristina on 608 789 989


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